Studio caricatures and illustrations


We have been drawing caricatures and cartoon illustrations since 1992 and we have grown to be the largest collective of caricaturists in Canada. With over 125 artists working in a variety of media. We draw traditional caricatures at events as well as live digital caricatures.

We cover all of Canada

From BC to Newfoundland we can se you up with digital caricature artist or a traditional caricature artist. Our group of caricaturists cover Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec city, Halifax, Moncton, St Johns and any other spot throughout the country from Atlantic to Pacific.

Our group of caricature artists work in all major cities of Canada and we love to travel to smaller towns and remote areas



We offer you quality caricature and illustration work in various forms. We can do:

Personalized caricature drawings from photos Drawing live caricatures at your events, functions, picnics, trade shows, corporate or private parties Illustration work for publications or advertising Digital and Vector Comical Imagery Animated caricatures for presentations, web sites, ecards or desktop

Event Caricature Art

A superb form of entertainment. Your guests will have a great time during the performance. They will also take an original piece of art with them. Our party caricatures often get framed and stay around for years. Celebrate your guests' faces by hiring us to draw them at your party. We cover all major cities in Canada as well as many smaller towns and villages. Many companies and organizations have hired us to do comical sketches at their corporate functions, picnics or galas. You can view a few of them on our clients page. Contact us for more information on party caricatures.

Custom Caricature Illustration, Cartooning

Caricatures are great to be used as an avatar, mascot, or a logomark for a company, organization, or website. They make great corporate gifts or employee awards. Nothing is more personal in a fun way. Unlike what many people believe, caricatures can look better than you theperson in real life. Caricatures are attention grabbers and an outstanding style of gift-giving. We create the initial artwork for you and will customize it to be used for any medium and any environment. They can be embroidered, silk screened, carved or printed in many different ways. We come up with innovative ways to make it work for you. You can have the same image used on mouse pads, coffee cups, t-shirts, bumper stickers etc.

Digital and Vector Imagery

We create digital vector caricature illustrations. These can be resized to any extend without getting jagged or pixelated. From business cards to hot air balloons, one file fits all!

Animated Caricature Art

Adding motion to a caricatures literally brings it to life. Full color digital caricatures can be used on your web site, desktop or id rom. They can be created in GIF or SWF formats. SWF files can have sound as well. We have cretaed animated education tools using caricatures for Nortel Networks, Delta Controls and several other companies. Electronic greeting tools can also be created this way. We match the electronic files with the printed and hand drawn art. Having the same fun-filled style of cartoon imagery on your company web site, christmas cards, party collateral corporate gifts, signage and t-shirts shows you are aware of the value of brand. We can do it all for you.


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